15 March 2012

QFD requires end-to-end including customer support

A major hotel chain had a computer problem that prevented attaching a user profile to a reservation. This is important for the customer to earn reward points. When I called the customer service department, as instructed in the website error message, the agent told me her computer could not attach the files and I would need to call the web support office. From a QFD perspective, product and service development must assure quality end-to-end including design, implementation, support, life-cycle use (repair, spares, maintenance, disposal), etc.

QFD requires end-to-end quality - including advertising

A major credit card company promoted a hotel rebate program with a major hotel chain. They mailed a 4-color postcard stating the promotion and that "no enrollment is necessary." The terms and conditions stated the promotion dates and the use of the credit card. 8 months and several enquiries later, the credit card company stated the rules require "enrolling" for the promotion in advance. From a QFD perspective, when creating a new "product," even an advertisement or promotion, the quality of downstream processes such as design and layout of the mail item, disclosure of terms and conditions, etc. must be connected to the actual program.