05 September 2019

ISQFD'19-Boise: The 25th International Symposium on QFD

Over seven decades ago in the aftermath of the WW II, Japanese engineers learned from Dr. W. Edwards Deming about statistical process control (SPC), and taking to heart Deming’s teachings, rebuilt Japan’s industrial base. Over time. SPC morphed it into Kaizen and TQM.

At the height of Japanese quality dominance in the 1980s, a handful of Americans discovered the Japanese secret to new product excellence: Quality Function Deployment (QFD). These Americans, including QFD Institute advisors Larry Sullivan and Bob King, studied with Dr. Yoji Akao, who happily shared his knowledge to anyone who came to him, just like Dr. Deming did decades earlier.

QFD spread globally, triggered by the case studies published through the Symposia on QFD, the first of which was organized in Michigan (USA) in 1989 by Bob Adams and which became the predecessor of the International Symposium on QFD.

The QFD taught in the 1980s, however, was rooted in the 1960s Japanese TQM era and was inefficient in many Western business environments and technology-based product development. Dr. Yoji Akao, one of the founders of QFD, approached the QFD Institute to modernize Japanese 1960s QFD for a 21st century global business environment, with Six Sigma precision and Lean Sigma speed.

With the new ISO 16355 Standard established in 2015, Modern QFD has transcended beyond it’s original manufacturing form to become a universally applicable toolset for new product and business development, business process re-engineering, corporate transformation, innovation, and, of course, quality. Tools included in Modern QFD are Blitz QFD®, Customer Voice Table, Maximum Value Table, modern House of Quality using AHP prioritization math, and many more.

Showcased in the 25th International Symposium on QFD (ISQFD) on September 6–7, 2019 are case studies and research that reflect these exciting advancements including Modern QFD for business transformation. They are but a sample of the state of QFD Best Practice from around the world, taking on important, timely topics and presenting solutions with QFD analytics and tools.

Once again, activities for people of all levels of QFD experience are offered at the 2019 conference: the QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course on September 4–5; QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course on September 9–13; QFD Black Belt® Update Course and QFD Green Belt® Update Course on September 8. These QFD Belt Courses are our way of giving back to our QFD community.

Without the hard work, diligence, and generosity of our authors and presenters and QFD Institute staff, this symposium could not have taken place. Our gratitude for all. We also acknowledge support from the members of the International Council for QFD and the members of the ISO 16355 QFD technical committee.

If you are interested in participating the next ISQFD and/or QFD courses, or if you would like to purchase the symposium transactions, please contact the QFD Institute.