04 February 2014

I'd like my QFD sunny-side up!

You've earned your Spring Break from the coldest, snowiest winter in recent memory.
Come to Orlando, Florida for the next QFD Green Belt® training course on March 6–7, 2014.

Learn modern QFD tools to translate voice of customer into unspoken customer needs, get accurate priorities, and operationalize innovative solutions to what matters most.

Blitz QFD® uses simple Excel sheets (provided) to feed into, and often replace, the House of Quality and other matrices. Can be applied to systems, modules, components — for hardware, software, service, and healthcare. Bring your own project for the workshops.

(QFD Green BeltĀ® Course in Orlando FL)
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The course has these components:

  • Workshop 1: Defining project goals and outcomes. (Project Goals Table)
  • Workshop 2: Defining key customers and stakeholders, and their applications/scenarios. (Customer Segments Table)
  • Workshop 3: Planning customer visits (gemba) to see for ourselves, and model what they say and do. (Customer Process Model)
  • Workshop 4: Documenting what goes right (and is to be protected) and wrong (and is to be improved) based on voice of customer and observational study. (Gemba Visit Table)
  • Workshop 5: Translate voice of customer into true customer needs, both spoken and unspoken. (Customer Voice Table)
  • Workshop 6: Structure customers needs to find missing ones. (Affinity Diagram and Hierarchy Diagram).
  • Workshop 8: Deploy high priority needs into solution requirements and concepts. Assure quality in deliver. (Maximum Value Table).
  • Discussion on advanced QFD tools for competitive assessment (Quality Planning Table), complex projects (Modern House of Quality), Emotional Quality (Kansei Engineering), etc.
  • Implementing QFD in your organization.

Course includes workbook, Excel tool templates for workshops, and related case studies. Bring your own projects for the workshops.