10 August 2019

ISO 16355 QFD Courses in 2019

QFD (Quality Function Deployment) links both the spoken and unspoken needs of the customer (target quality) with design, development, engineering, marketing, manufacturing, service and other organizational functions through its systematic deployment.

The methodology, originated from Japan, has been not only successfully applied in virtually every industry and business (examples: aerospace, manufacturing, software, communication, IT, chemical and pharmaceutical, transportation, defense, government, R&D, food to service industry), but it also continues to advance. The ISO 16355 for QFD, in particular, addresses the needs of today's businesses and project members who must compete in the increasingly global and agile business environment.

Your project is too important to gamble on uncertified trainers, books, someone else's examples or even matrix-making software. So are your time and company resources.

Begin your QFD journey right the first time, using the most optimized tool set and efficient deployments for your particular project—whether it is a multim million dollar product development or academic research.

Here is your chance to learn and begin applying Modern Blitz QFD® and ISO 16355 tool set for innovation, new product development, and business process design.

  • SEPTEMBER 8, 2019 
    QFD Black Belt® UPDATE Course

    Past graduates of QFD BB can receive a semi-private coaching and
    the latest update and materials on ISO 16355.
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  • SEPTEMBER 8, 2019 
    QFD Green Belt® UPDATE Course

    For the past graduates of QFD GB who wish to advance to the Black Belt level.
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All events listed above will be held at Hampton Inn & Suites Boise Downtown, in Boise, Idaho USA, and include the complimentary 25th International Symposium on QFD (Sept 6-7, 2019) ..

For questions, please contact the QFD Institute.