05 October 2019

QFD Master Class in India

The QFD Institute is pleased to announce the QFD Master Class in India this fall, in cooperation with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Institute of Quality.

QFD Master Class
  • When: 21–22 November 2019
  • Where: Bangalore, INDIA

This is an excellent opportunity for businesses in India and neighboring regions to learn from the world top QFD expert Glenn H. Mazur.

  • What is QFD (Quality Function Deployment) -- its root, history, recent advancements
  • Key QFD methods and tools
  • Basic application steps
  • ISO 16355

The workshop elements in this 2-day class equip participants with important skills that they can implement in their work environment, across the supply chain of their business, and the value chain of their customers, plus optional QFD Green Belt® certification.

For details and registration, please see the website of CII Institute of Quality.