24 August 2015

Speaking on Innovation, Quality and QFD tools and methods

Have you been wanting to learn more about Innovation, Quality, and Modern QFD?  The latest tools and methods?  The kind of information that you can use right away in your work?

Here are upcoming opportunities that are open to the public:

September 19, 2015
ASQ Innovation Conference 2015
Lecture "Quality Fitness-Focused Innovation"
Charlottesville, Virginia USA

September 25–26, 2015
International Symposium on QFD
Hangzhou, CHINA

October 26–27, 2015
World Quality Forum
Budapest, HUNGARY

November 4–5, 2015
QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course
Calgary, Alberta CANADA

November 6, 2015
ASQ Calgary Quality Conference
Keynote "Mine Your Own Business: Reverse QFD Method"
Calgary, Alberta CANADA

November 9–10, 2015
ASQ International Conference on Quality Standards
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

We look forward to seeing you there!