23 January 2012


Welcome to the QFD Institute blog, hosted by our staff. This forum is an opportunity to hear the "voice" of QFD practitioners, both new and veterans.

QFD is useful in any industry and application to acquire, analyze, solve, and assure the quality of the "voice of the customer."

Post any question you have to start a conversation from which we all can learn and improve our technique.
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But the blog will be a more informal and interactive format. So, drop us a note by email or the comment box. Your input is always welcome.
- mayumi


  1. QFD, which started on the factory floor at Bridgestone Tire in 1966, has worked its way upstream to corporate governance of the Boards of Directors. A recent paper was co-authored by academicians Greg Watson, Yoji Akao, and Glenn Mazur of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ). In a sense, it makes a full circle of QFD applications from the executive suite to marketing, to engineering, to manufacturing (service & software implementation), to logistics, to support, and finally to recycling. Wow!

  2. Hello All,
    I am new to Quality and I am trying to develop a term paper on QFD in an academic environment. What areas can I look at principally

  3. Peter. There are several papers on QFD in an academic environment. When I taught at U Michigan I used QFD in two dimensions - for content with my "customers" being the companies that would hire my engineering graduates, and for format with my "customers" being the students in the class. Each year, a team project would be to update the QFD study and refocus the class content and format. Dr. Catherine Chan of Hong Kong Polytech did her thesis on QFD and technical education. You can find links to papers in both applications on my personal website at www.mazur.net

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