13 October 2014

New QFD Group in LinkedIn

The QFD Institute is pleased to launch a new LinkedIn Group devoted to conversations, Q&A, and announcements about QFD activities. It is moderated by the Executive Director, Glenn Mazur.

To join this new group,
1. You must have a free LinkedIn account, which you can easily join at www.linkedin.com
2. In the search box, type "qfd institute" and select the QFD Institute Group.

3. Click "Join" and join the conversation.

While there are other QFD-named groups, it appears they have gone "ghost" or "zombie" where the underlying moderator no longer exists or participates.

This new QFD LinkedIn group is for professionals who are serious about learning and implementing QFD and relevant methodologies for design, quality, new product development, business process innovation, VOC, innovation, etc.

We invite you to ask a question, post a comment, like something, or follow the QFD Institute.

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  1. What kind of companies use QFD in USA? what are the industry sectors that use QFD


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