24 May 2021

2021 QFD Black Belt® Course

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Starting September 2021, the QFD Institute will be offering the QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course as a live virtual training, using the Zoom platform. 

This facilitator-level advanced course consists of ten 4-hour sessions (40 hours total), currently planned to start in the week of  September 13–17, 2021. 

Those who would like to attend are invited to send their registrations soon — because the dates and time zone will be finalized based on attendee preferences, after their registration forms are received.

Registration Options:
  • You have a Full QFD Green Belt® (with a Gold seal on your certificate):
    Please select [QFD Black Belt® only] on the registration form.
  • You attended a QFD Green Belt® in 2020 or 2021:
    Select [QFD Black Belt® only] on the registration form.
  • You have a Provisional QFD Green Belt® from 2019 or earlier courses:
    Select [QFD Update Package] on the registration form.

We look forward to your joining us in this new virtual training. For questions, please contact us.

PS: You might be also interested in
July 26–28, 2021 QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course
@ 11am–3pm EST (New York time)

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