27 July 2013

QFD for modular design, value creation, business development, organic products development

Here are more exciting presentations planned for the upcoming The 19th International Symposium on QFD (ISQFD) on September 6-7 in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.

(See the previous post: QFD for public transportation, software development, eco-friendly supply chain )

The 2-day International Symposium welcomes people of all levels of QFD knowledge, all industries and countries, and it is complimentary to the attendees of QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course and QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course  We hope you will join us!

Study of Applying QFD to Modularity Strategy

(image - Modularity design)
Japanese manufactures are excellent at developing integral type products, such as cars and complicated machines that need fine tuning (e.g. semiconductor manufacturing machines). However, many products are currently shifting toward modular systems which require better architectures and modularity logic and rules. This presentation will show how to better define modular product architectures through the analytic structure of QFD, specifically how to arrange many complex issues such as customer needs, cost, technology, manufacturing feasibility, serviceability and so forth in a series of matrices so that modularity can be better simulated.

Keywords: QFD, Modularity, Modular, Integral Components, Modular Design, JAPAN

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Quality Function Deployment for New Product Development: Transforming Waste to Worth

(image - Creating Value and Worth from Waste)
This paper reports an application of QFD by the Thailand's chemical industry leader, SCG Chemicals. The company was able to develop a new eco-friendly construction material out of a chemical byproduct waste. The new product not only offers added functional value but also is boosting the customer's brand image. The presentation will report an application of QFD for this New Product Development, most challengingly in eliciting the needs from psychological elements and deploying them into design specifications, development process, souring, and other considerations for successful product roll-out.

Keywords: QFD, Psychological Characteristics, Voice of Customer, Customer Satisfaction, Product Design, Brand Image, Eco-friendly Product, THAILAND

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Top technology is not all we need for a successful business: QFD logic, methods and tools —Dutch experience.

(photo - QFD for Business Development, EU application)
This presentation will report a pilot project in The Netherlands, the utilization of QFD for business development. The talk will share the Dutch experience of the customer-centered marketing campaigns based on the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Modern QFD techniques. This approach provided the logical, systematic, and interactive links between the commercial and technology teams in one organization. 

Keywords: Modern QFD, Business Development, Business Analysis, VOC, THE NETHERLANDS

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Application of QFD for the Development of An Organic Product: A Pilot Study

(image - QFD for Organic Products development)
This presentation will report a pilot QFD application for the development of an organic product. A conceptual model which consists of four matrices for the development of an organic fruit jelly will be presented. The main adaptation is in the first matrix to include major actors in the production supply chain. The first results indicate the feasibility of the proposal for food development. 

Keywords: Product Development, Organic Products, QFD, BRAZIL

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