01 October 2017

QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course:
Germany October 17-18 | USA November 8-9

We invite you to two upcoming training opportunities, one in EU and another in USA.

QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course

2017 October 17–18
Stuttgart, GERMANY
Course Details

2017 November 8–9
Michigan USA
Course Details

Both are ISO 16355-infused Modern QFD training. They have workshop components. This means that:
  • Attendees can bring their own projects to the class (instead of relying on fictitious examples unrelated to your industry); and 
  • They receive step-by-step guidance on how to apply each tool correctly, detailed hands-on exercises and Excel templates.
  • Attendees can also receive ongoing review of their progress after the course.

The QFD Institute's QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course is part of the international program in QFD education, and it is the only QFD curriculum authorized by the late Dr. Akao, founder of QFD.

For questions, please contact the QFD Institute. We look forward to having you in these classes.

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